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Ambient Skies

2011-03-24 04:33:19 by Scourger9

I'm off to go animate for a real company. (Good because freelance sucks) I love 3D modeling and animation :D!!!

Ambient Skies

Where haz our love gone?

2010-09-19 03:43:41 by Scourger9

I miss you spo-ghetti. :(


2010-06-20 06:18:12 by Scourger9

It's 3 frikin' 20 in the mornin'! What am I still doing up!?

I am bored.

2010-03-23 16:21:49 by Scourger9

Bordy bored bored booooreeeeed. Man I am SO unamused. It's like a disease. Maybe I am anxious about something... I dunno. I know I don't have any fans (I think) but if I do just know that am bored and you're not helping. (LOL) Anyway don't expect any art for a while. I'm so freaking uninspired right now. I wish I would submit something too because I have gotten so much better. Honestly, Flash kinda screws up the crap I submit. I kinda wish I had Photoshop. But then I'd get bored with that too.

Hey, I'm back! :3

2010-03-04 00:05:32 by Scourger9

I've been out lately due to personal problems n such. Now that most of it has been resolved, I feel as though I am able to watch toons and meybe even submit art! WHO KNOWS?! I'd submit more if you guys SCOUTED me! <-.-> (I don't think this counts as begging to be scouted, seeing as this is MY PAGE)

Hoorah!!! 13 Art submissions!

2010-02-02 00:20:51 by Scourger9

I was just looking in my "All art" section, and I now have to actually scroll down, YEAH, SCROLL DOWN. I'm excited! Look at the art! I'm sure you'll like... at least two!

New art! Yays!!

2010-01-21 16:52:39 by Scourger9

I made some new art pieces: Peaceful Space(easy) and Sapphire - Oblivion(hard and time-consuming)

I really like using gradients now that I've got the hang of it!

Check them out! If you like them, scout meh :3. Review please!

New art! Yays!!


2009-12-22 16:55:23 by Scourger9

As of Dec 22, I've added a new banner. It looks a lot better than the old one, also it seems... Christmasy. So, there it is (At the top of my page). Woot! Anyway here's the old one, you can compare.


Ok no more sorrow.

2009-12-11 00:28:20 by Scourger9

It's all good NG, after finals, I'll try to send more ART. :D

I love this picture.

Ok no more sorrow.

Hello, NG. Much sorrow here.

2009-12-07 13:19:36 by Scourger9

I can't post any new artwork for a while. I haven't the inspiration. College is really cracking down on me with finals coming up. Also, my girlfriend and I have broken up, so I'm not feeling very inspired. Maybe after the stress and lack of care, I'll make more. For now NG, merry Christmas everyone. God bless.

Hello, NG. Much sorrow here.