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I am bored.

2010-03-23 16:21:49 by Scourger9

Bordy bored bored booooreeeeed. Man I am SO unamused. It's like a disease. Maybe I am anxious about something... I dunno. I know I don't have any fans (I think) but if I do just know that am bored and you're not helping. (LOL) Anyway don't expect any art for a while. I'm so freaking uninspired right now. I wish I would submit something too because I have gotten so much better. Honestly, Flash kinda screws up the crap I submit. I kinda wish I had Photoshop. But then I'd get bored with that too.


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2010-05-23 08:20:54

Missing an eye, lifting weights, I could be the baddest russian you'll ever meet.

Scourger9 responds:

Okay, who are you again?